Why Insurance Is Worth It

How prepared are you if a pet medical emergency strikes? Can you financially afford a life saving, costly procedure? We live in a society where pets are considered one of the family. We scrutinize pet food and treat labels, ensuring quality and adequate nutrition. We are on the constant look out for new and exciting toys that both stimulate and entertain our pet. We spend time exercising and caring for our pet's individual needs for both physical and mental well being. Yet less than 10 percent of the pet population in Canada has medical insurance. The pet insurance industry has grown and developed over the last 10 years. Many companies provide affordable and comprehensive coverage to help meet the growing costs of veterinary care. We encourage all existing, new or potential owners to take the time to research the options available for your pet(s). The decision to get medical insurance for your pet could be the difference between a life saving procedure and losing your beloved pet when a medical emergency strikes.

At Uncas we provide a free, no obligation 30 day trail of Trupanion Insurance (not affiliated) after every medical examination, as we feel so strongly about the relief insurance brings to not only the families of the patients we treat, but to us as the health care providers and our ability to tend to an animal in need.

Please contact the clinic at anytime to discuss our experiences personally with insurance regarding our own pets and some great examples of patients that have benefited from being covered. We can also provide you some great resources to help with your decision making.