Surgical Discharge Instructions for Spay/Neuters

Ph: (780) 922-5447
  • Your pet has received general anesthetic today. He/she may still be sleepy this evening. Do not leave your pet unattended and please watch your pet around stairs.
  • If your pet lives outdoors only, please keep them in a garage or shed for at least a couple of days. In winter please keep outdoor pets indoors for at least 7 days. If extremely cold, 14 days.
  • Your pet has no external sutures; therefore NO suture removal is needed. The stitches will dissolve on their own.
  • Please check the incision(s) at least once daily for any changes such as: redness, swelling, discharge, odors, loss of sutures, etc… If any of the above is noticed, please call the clinic.
  • Please prevent your pet from licking/chewing at their incision(s). If allowed to do so it can cause delayed healing time, infection, or cause the sutures to come out. This may involve use of t-shirts, boxer shorts and an e-collar (cone).
  • Your pet has had a tube placed down his/her throat to facilitate breathing and for administration of anesthetic gas. A cough may develop as a result of irritation from the tube. This should resolve on its own. If it persists longer than three days, please call the clinic.
  • Please restrict your pet’s activity for 14 days. This means, no running, no jumping, climbing or playing. Dogs must be on a leash when going outside. This will help speed healing, as well prevent stress on the incision(s). In case of dog neuters, limited activity will prevent scrotal swelling and infection.
  • A small amount of water can be offered to your pet. If they keep that down they can be offered small amounts every couple of hours. If hungry or receiving pain medication that evening, a quarter of their regular amount of supper can be offered around 7-8pm. The day following surgery regular eating/drinking habits can resume.
  • Your pet should return to his/her normal behavior in a few days. If your pet seems lethargic, agitated, restless or painful, please call.
  • Any questions please do not hesitate to contact the clinic with any questions or concerns. If you need to contact us outside of business hours we strongly urge you to contact a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic within the Edmonton area.
                        • VCA Canada Guardian Vet Center 780-436-5880 OR VetEmerg 780-423-9111