South Africa 2007

Denice Schlingman DVM went to Durban SA with the Nazarene Church from Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. Doug Sedore and Denice were from the SP Church and there were 6 from the Caroline church of the Nazarene that made the grueling 28 hour trip. The team went to Beckelwande, south of Durban, to help out at Seed of Hope, a site that provides care , counseling, and a children’s outreach to those in the community, most of which have varying stages of AIDS. Work consisted of fixing up the play ground, ground work, cleaning up abandoned rooms and painting them for future use, helping with the childrens’s program and visits to severely ill people to talk and pray with them.

Denice contacted the regional SPCA and arranged to go out with the veterinary provider to the Zulu people to help treat their animals. While at the SPCA she did spay and neuter surgery for the shelter then went with Steve Wright into the Valley of a Thousand Hills with his interpreter ( a Zulu guide) and stopped at various villages and treated animals. She went into country that few white people go and was able to see a part of the country that is not available for the majority of the world to see. They took a 4 wheeled land Rover down roads and hills into valleys where a single hut was and provided care for their animals. Rabies is an endemic disease there and more people had died recently of rabies then of Malaria so there were dogs to vaccinate. Tick born diseases were rampant and one needed to check themselves for ticks at the end of each day. While in the car Steve provided valuable insight into the Zulu way of life and was a wealth of knowledge of diseases, way of life, and local problems in this third world country.