Haiti 2005

Denice Schlingman DVM joined 7 other veterinarians and technicians from eastern Canada to travel to Haiti under the auspices of Christian Veterinary Missions Canada. They went to provide veterinary care to animals in the northeastern area of Haiti called Bohoc and to teach the local veterinary technicians how to provide better veterinary care. They stayed at HAFF (Haitian American Friendship Foundation) where a team of missionaries, agriculturists, medical, and other workers provided training and access to the local people.

Each of the team taught veterinary diseases through a translator and trained the Haitian veterinary technicians to treat and do basic surgery.(They had already been trained by the Haitian government in veterinary care through a 8 week course.) When they were finished they each received a package containing medications and equipment to go out and treat animals and hopefully receive enough money to buy more medications. The team left more medications at HAFF for them to come back and get more to provide veterinary care.

On the days when they were not teaching the team went into the rural country and did day clinics treating any animal that came to the site. People and animals arrived several hours before the team arrived and waited patiently for their animals to be seen. Most of the treatments were deworming, treating sores from overworked horses and donkeys, vitamin shots , and antibiotics.