Farm Cat Alteration Day


When?: Monthly 

Who?: Farm/Rural Cats. This program is not for pet or household cats. As an effort to control the rural Alberta cat population we offer a low cost option for spaying and/or neutering cats that are intended to be housed outdoors.

Why?: Rural communities have the potential to produce many unwanted cats and kittens. Unwanted cats frequently end up as feral cats, diseased due to lack of care and/ or brought into humane societies or rescues. Humane societies euthanize a large number of cats yearly due to the overpopulation of cats needing homes.

What?: Alteration surgery, an identification tattoo and a rabies vaccine.

Where?: Uncas Veterinary Clinic. See our location and hours below. Please contact the clinic by phone or email to inquire about the cost of the procedure and to be put on the waiting list.