Puppy Socialization Classes

At Uncas we recognize the importance of a well socialized dog. Socialization means more than just interaction with other dogs or puppies, it means exposing your dog, not just puppy, to everything that they will be exposed to during their life. This includes such things as car rides, new people, other creatures and of course the vet clinic! We are so pleased to be able to offer a time and environment to help nurture your dogs social exposure.

These classes are great for puppies, but are not limited to them. Many people adopt/rescue older or mature dogs, these classes are a great controlled environment to get to know your new family member and how they react to certain situations. The classes are meant to help both you and your dog create a great foundation for the remainder of your relationship!

Join us Monday Evenings for Puppy Classes!

  • 6 week sessions
  • Drop in option available
  • Provide opportunity for your dog to socialize correctly and learn basic skills
  • Older dogs welcome

Held at the Uncas Veterinary Clinic. For more information and to sign up, please call 780-922-5447 or ask at the reception desk