Farm Cat Alteration Day


When?: Monthly Throughout Spring of 2018 - Next one February 1st

Who?: Farm/Rural Cats. This program is not for pet or household cats. As an effort to control the rural Alberta cat population we offer a low cost option for spaying and/or neutering cats that are intended to be housed outdoors.

Why?: Rural communities have the potential to produce many unwanted cats and kittens. Unwanted cats frequently end up as feral cats, diseased due to lack of care and/ or brought into humane societies or rescues. Humane societies euthanize a large number of cats yearly due to the overpopulation of cats needing homes.

What?: All cats will be admitted the morning of surgery. Each cat must be in a proper cat carrier. The carrier should be labelled with your name, phone number and name of *cat. Each cat has a brief pre-anesthetic exam. Surgery is performed by a Veterinarian with a Registered Veterinary Technician monitoring anesthesia. All cats are given a complementary tattoo for identification purposes, a rabies vaccines and a long acting pain medication post surgery. Upon discharge female cats will need to be kept in a quiet, warm, restricted area for 3 days. Male cats post surgery need to be kept quiet, warm and restricted for 24 hours.*One cat per carrier please.

Where?: Uncas Veterinary Clinic. See our location and hours below. Please contact the clinic by phone or email to inquire about the cost of the procedures.